We are here to serve any and all areas of products that you need Laser Engraving or Laser Cutting.
We can cut thru wood up to 1/2'' thick, Acrylic, Other Plastics , Cork, Rubber, Gasket Material, Silicone using our 60watt Co2 Laser Engraver Cutter.

​​​Laser Marking, Engraving & Cutting Examples

-Marking anodized aluminum or coated products with serial numbers and logos.
-Marking of CE marks on safety and electrical equipment.
-Marking of batch numbers and serial numbers for ISO 9000 compliance.
-Marking of wiring diagrams and symbols directly onto components.
-Very precise engraving on fragile components such as crystals and oscillators for the electronics industry.
-Brand names and logos on promotional items.
-Removing coatings (ex. to provide electrical connections or grounding).

Advantages Over Other Marking Methods:

*Cost effective
*High Resolution / Detail
*Non-contact (no clamping required)
*Curved surfaces can be accommodated within limits
*Flexibility to accomodate short run sizes
*Permanence / Durability - resistant to most cleaning processes
***** AND SAME DAY TURN *****

Typical Appplications Include:

-Aircraft and aerospace parts
-Hand tools
-Sports Equipment
-Dials and gauges
-Promotional products
-Wood products
-Firearms & knifes

Coatings we can mark:
*All Anodized surfaces, Type II or Type III Any Class
*Powder Coat
-Acrylic ( Clear or Color )
-Aluminum Raw**
**We use CERMARK on Copper, Brass, Raw Aluminum  & Stainless
Cermark Is a special coating for use with CO2 and Fiber Laser Marking/Engraving Systems to make high contrast permanent marks on metals, glass and ceramic items.
Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting
Nunez Engraving